What is the Canadian-Scandinavian Foundation?

The Canadian-Scandinavian Foundation was established on 20 June 1950 as a national, non-profit organization with the express purpose of providing assistance and support to qualified and talented young Canadians of university age planning a study semester or a research visit to one or more of the Nordic countries, be it Iceland in the North Atlantic, Denmark in the South, Finland in the East, Norway on the Atlantic, or Sweden on the Baltic.

Who benefits from the Foundation’s efforts?

The founders believed that Canadians, as well as Canada as a whole, would be in a position to benefit greatly from the Nordic experience in many fields such as public policy and planning, technology and engineering, resource management, the arts, as well as the scientific world at large where the Nordic countries over the decades have demonstrated excellence and outstanding skills. In the past sixty years, the CSF has enabled more than 300 Canadian students to study in one of these countries. Many scholarship winners have built upon these Scandinavian contacts in their later professional careers.

How is the Foundation funded?

Apart from the CSF-administered scholarships funded by the Swedish Institute, the Foundation depends on individual and corporate donations. Regular corporate donors include: ASEA inc., Fagersta Ltd., Nova Scotia Forest Industries, Atlas Copco Ltd., Pharmacia Canada, IKEA (Canada), Flygt Canada Ltd., Volvo Canada Ltd., The Royal Bank of Canada and many other Canadian and Scandinavian firms operating in Canada. Donations are fully deductible for Income Tax purposes.

Who benefits from the Foundation’s efforts?

We are pleased to inform the recipients of the 2016 Canadian-Scandinavian scholarship.

Aden Farhia, Ana Angelovska, Bryce Wittrock, Jean-Daniel Beauchesne, Julie Malefant-Lepage, Leona Dennis, Lorne Pardy, Maria Pettyjohn, Mariebelle Leclerc-Halle, Sarah Rintoul, Sondra Mpyls and Starr Campagnarp

Recent Scholarship Winners:

… I have been able to appreciate this summer how beneficial and important exchanges with Scandinavian countries can be for us. The CSF grant permitted me to have useful contact with researchers in my field of ecology in Finland last summer…

Yves De Koninck
Laval University,

…My research project to study the Swedish apprenticeship programme in the forestry industry was made possible to a large extent by the CSF grant.

Russ Waylott
Port Hawkesbury, N.S.

…As a recipient of a CSF Grant I was able to conduct a series of interviews with Swedish government officials, business people and academics which set the stage for my comparative analysis of Swedish and Canadian trade policies.

Michael Hawes
Toronto, Ontario